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How can a spinal adjustment reduce back pain?

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McKenzie Hames
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McKenzie Hames
January 19, 2022

When you hear people talking about visiting a chiropractor, you’re more than likely going to hear the word ‘adjustment’. Oftentimes, they’ll say they needed an ‘adjustment’ or that the ‘adjustment’ they received was helpful. The ‘adjustment’ they are talking about is referring to the actions the chiropractor takes in realigning the vertebrae in the spine or neck.

When one or more vertebrae become misaligned, people frequently experience lower back pain. Depending on the degree of the condition and the person who has it, this might cause mild to severe discomfort.

Many events may cause misalignment, including falls, sports, performing certain activities as you become older, twisting the body, lifting inappropriately, sciatica, scoliosis, accidents, whiplash, and so on. When these things happen and create back or neck pain, it’s usually because pressure is applied to a nerve or to muscles, causing pain and possibly more issues.

As stated above, an “adjustment” is what a chiropractor does to realign the vertebrae. The chiropractor will straighten your spinal column by applying pressure to the area where the misalignment occurred. Of course, this should only be done by professionals, but it can often provide immediate pain relief.

An x-ray is used to determine the position of the misplaced vertebrae. A device may be used by the chiropractor to detect temperature spikes in the spine, which would suggest inflammation. This could be due to a small misalignment, which can easily occur if the person is out of shape and does not have strong muscles to assist in keeping the vertebrae in place. It can also be caused by an injury.

Chiropractors can help with a lot more than back pain. They also assist patients with carpal tunnel syndrome, whiplash, headaches, and other ailments. They also provide massage treatment, hydro massage, electrical stimulation, rehabilitation exercises, and potentially acupuncture in addition to adjustments, which are beneficial to many people.

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